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Science Fiction
organisations and clubs from around the world. 
Extensive listings
rom local clubs to worldwide membership.


More listings from around the world


Selected Links
Sci-Fi Brighton
The Atlanta Science Fiction Society
The Celestial Defender Sci-Fi Association
Philadelphia Science Fiction Society
Denver Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Club
Montreal Science Fiction and Fantasy Association
Memphis SF Association
Octarine Science Fiction and Fantasy Humour Appreciation Society
Denver Area SF Association
Catalan SF & Fantasy
Altherna Terra SF Club (Romania)
The Washington Science Fiction Association
West Coast SF Society
Minnesota SF Society (Minn-StF)
South Florida SF Society.
British Columbia SF Association (BCSFA)
Louisville Science Fiction and Fantasy Readers Group
The Vault: SF/Fantasy Writers Group
Fantastic Frontiers
Star Base Andromeda
USS Aeon (Memphis Area Star Trek and SF Media Appreciation Society)
National Fantasy Fan Federation
Golden Age of SF and Fantasy
The Imaginative Cinema Society
Realms: The Online Animation/Fantasy Club
Research Triangle Science Fiction Society
Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society
The National Science Fiction and Fantasy Society of Canada
The Kingdom of An Tir Infoscroll
Kingcon Society Web page
Falcon SF and Fantasy Society (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Futurian Society of Sydney
New England SF Association
Imperial College SF
The Incomplete Guide to Contemporary Canadian SF Fandom
Intergalactic Consortium
Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society (C.A.S.F.S.)
SF South Africa
Libertarian Futurist Society Home Page
European SF Society
New Jersey SF Society
The SF Association of Bergen County
Region 5 home Page for Starfleet International
Polaris (The Saint Albans SF Society)
NWSFS (Northwest SF Society)
ISFiC (Illinois SF in Chicago)
Cepheid Variable (Texas A&M)
The Order of St. Chiros
Emerald City Androgums - A Doctor Who Fan Club
Society of the Rusting Tardis
Tolkien Societies
York University (UK)
Baltimore SF Society
Bab5OZ (The Babylon 5 FanClub for Australia)
Christian Fans of Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Psi Phi (Bradley's SF Club)
Central Arizona Speculative FictionSociety, Inc. (CASFS)
Argon SF Society
Argon of Cantee
Telgar Weyr: A Dragon Riders of Pern Fan Club
UniSFA (University of Western Australia)
The Dark Emerald Social Club: The Seattle Camarilla Homepage
St. Louis SF Fandom Page
FACT (Fandom Association of Central Texas)
Southwest Texas State University SF/Fantasy Society
European SF Society (ESFS)
MIT SF Society
New Jersey SF Society
Midwest SF Fantasy Association clubzine To Be Continued
Orlando Area SF Society
New England SF Association (NESFA)
The United Federation of Phoenix
Stardel Clubhouse
The Society of Creative Anachronism
Swarthmore Warders of Imaginative Literature (SWIL)
Mythopoeic Society
The Fandom Association of Central Texas, Inc.
LA Science Fantasy Society (LASFS) Unofficial Home
Lambda Sci Fi - DC Area Gaylaxians
The Costumer's Guild West
Cambridge University (UK)
Australasian Fannish Email Directory
Star One Delta
Time Meddlers of Los Angeles/Outpost Gallifrey
DragonWeb: Pern Fandom
South Florida SF Society
The SETI League
SF SIG (Special Interest Group) of Australian Mensa
Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc.
Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group
St Andrews University (UK)
Aberdeen University (UK)
The Israeli Society for SF and Fantasy
UK University SF Societies Directory
Polaris (St. Albans (Herts UK) SF Society)
Northwest SF Society (NWSFS)
The Society for the Furtherance and Study of Fantasy and SF
The SF Forum of The State University of New York at Stony Brook
The West Coast SF Association (aka BC SF Association)
Splitting Image
Stilyagi Air Corps (Ann Arbor SF Association)
Imperial College SF
The Tacoma Domain Camarilla Homepage
Oregon SF Conventions, Inc.
The Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild
PARSEC (Pittsburgh Area Realtime Scientifiction Enthusiastics Club)
The West Lodge (Doctor Who, Perth Australia)
ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha (Douglas Adams Fan Club)
Freundeskreis SF Leipzig e.v. (Germany)
Quebec SF Club
The Incomplete Guide to Contemporary Canadian SF Fandom
Melbourne SF Club
Aotearoa (New Zealand)
SNAFFU (Southern Nevada Area Fantasy & Fiction Union)
Fellowship of Middle Earth, (Clayton, Australia)
Forodrim, The Stockholm Tolkien Society
Rochester Fantasy Fans


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