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Science Fiction

science fiction booksellers and collectibles from around the world. Extensive listings also covering comics, games and fantasy.


A Wrinkle in Time | Science Fiction movie and television memorabilia. Mainly photos, T-shirts and autographs. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Adventure House Publishing | Shop selling old pulp magazines.

Area 51 Booksellers | Online Bookstore specializing in Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy books for the collector.

Barry Levin Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature | Real world store that specialize in rare science fiction, fantasy and horror books (based Santa Monica, California). Site has catalogue and newsletter (well done).

Black Dog Comics | German store specializing in american comics and related merchandise.

Borderlands Books | Independent San Francisco bookstore specializing in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. They sell new and used books, magazines and art.

Chaos City | Their retail store has 1,500 square feet of comics (from Silver-age to present day) as well as toys, cards and other collectables. Based in St. Albans.

Cipher Games | RPG fantasy and SF gaming on-line store.

Clayimages | Sell a line of line of friendly dragons in stoneware.

Comicana | London-based used comic store formed in 1995 with the merger of Comicana and The Mighty World of Comics.

Cosmic Collectables | Specialists in Sci-fi related C.C.G.s, trading cards and autographs.

Crime and Space | Austin, Texas-based SF store.

CS Hobbies | St Louis based mailorder model store.

D&S Sci-fi Toy World | Specialize in Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens & other science fiction toys.

Dangerous Visions | Specializing in new, used & rare Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror since 1981.

Dark Carnival | Berkeley-California).

Days of Knights | Fantasy and SF collectibles. Catalogue plus a shop in Delaware.

Doubleday Direct | Science Fiction Book Club site.

Dragon Realm Studios | Studio that produces posable dragon miniatures.

Dreamhaven Books | A store based in Minneapolis. specializes in new and used science fiction, fantasy, horror, film and media books, comic books, and role-playing games.

Fantastic Literature | UK-based mailorder purveyors of out of print and rare science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime thrillers and macabre fiction both in paperback and hardcover.

Fantasy World Pewter | Shop that does pewter fantasy figures and scenes, based Roseau, MN.

Flying Pirate | Rather crappy looking on-line store with merchandise like Superman logo-underwear. Pants!

Friends of Fandom | RPG gaming shop online - some selection of SF books also. We couldn't find a real world address on the site, so this shop might be purely online.

Griffon Games | Seller and importer of SF Models, magazines and other stuff (includes models, blueprints, magazines and books). Based in Greenfield, MA

Incognito | Selling American Comic Books from the 1930's Golden Age of Comics to the 21st Century for over ten years.

Incognito Comics | Sells American Comic Books from the 1930's Golden Age of Comics to modern 21st Century titles.

Infinitely Better | UK store selling games, books, artwork, memorabilia, props and a range of DVDís. Professionally designed site too.

Infinity Beyond | Online shop for action figures located in Miramar, Florida.

Into the Void | Online advert for a chain of SFF stores based in the South East (including Streatham, Swindon, Bluewater, Lakeside etc).

Jump Gate Link | Portsmouth, NH-based store. Site is currently a brochure for their real-world shop. An online catalog is promised soon (we last visited 5th Feb 2002).

K & J Non Sports Cards | Shop in Ohio specializing in CCGs and collectible cards for scifi and fantasy - lots of film and TV stuff.

Kayleighbug Books | Kayleighbug Books say they are the Alexa ranked #1 science fiction, fantasy and horror bookstore on the web."

Krypton Komics | They sell American comic books from their London shop in Tottenham.

Leisure Games | London-based store (Finchley) selling RPGs, miniatures and books.

Level28 Scifi | Trading cards, figures and other collectibles from this online UK store.

Lone Star Comics | Own a chain of US SFF stores. Can also be found under the URL.

Marty Magic | Shop specializing in fantasy jewelry & sculpture.

Marx Books | The main focus of Marx Books is paperback and hardcover science fiction, fantasy, and horror books, but fiction in all areas is available.

Monsters In Motion | SFF and horror collectibles for sale.

Mysterious Galaxy | Californian based store.

Mystical Passage | Fantasy gift store.

Mystical Unicorn Used Bookstore | Purely on-line sf store for used and second hand sf and fantasy books.

Nebula Books | Online store specializing in books by Terry Pratchett, Michael Moorcock and Jack Whyte.

New Worlds | UK SF store (London) - found in the basement of the Murder One crime-specialist bookshop (run by a miserable Polish bloke).

Off World Comics | US comics catalogue operation based in Tyne & Wear.

Overlook Connection Bookstore | Horror, SF, fantasy and mystery book store.

Pages Bar | Star Trek theme-pub in London (75 Page Street, SW1). Brilliant! Beam me over there now, and make mine a pint of Romulan Ale.

Paradox Comics | Comic shop based in Poole, Dorset.

Porkepyn | Online vendor selling classic SciFi & horror memorabilia, film stills, lobby cards, press kits and posters. Site also has some free sound & film clips.

R Bowmanís Fantastic Collectibles | The starting place for buyers wanting antiquarian and second hand sf/fantasy novels.

Sci-Fi Station | Store selling toy robots, animation art and other SF gear.

Science Fiction List | Online site to buy and trade your old pulp magazines.

Science Fiction, Mysteries & More | New York-based store.

SF Books | Online store that has a lot of RPG material such as Castle Falkenstein, Call of Cthulhu, RIFTs, Shadowrun etc.

SF Books | Site to trade science fiction and fantasy books. SFB members simply swap books for credits. Every time you send a book to another member, you receive a credit. Your accumulated credits can be used to receive books you want. Nice idea.

SF-Bokhandeln | Swedish store selling books, videos, games, magazines and merchandise over the net and in a shop in the Old Town of Stockholm.
Sweden--No English content at all

SF-F | An online sf store - when we last checked they didn't seem to have a shopping cart, just a form to fill in and email back (Nov 99). Don't bother visiting.

Silver Acre | Offer a large online catalogue of comic back issues (sadly just titles, no pics or detailed descriptions). Based in Chester.

Solaris Books | SF & fantasy books and magazines for sale from the rare and collectible to good quality reading copies. Site was down for 'rebuilding' when we last visited (April 02).

Somewhere In Time Books | Mail order book business specializing in used and out-of -print books.

Speeding Bullet | Comics, toys and merchandise from this UK-based store (Hitchin). Very professional looking real world shop-front, which makes a change.

Starshow Collectibles | SF collectibles for sale from this online shop (based in Iowa). Star Wars figures etc.

StarStore | Online store selling sci-fi toys, cult-TV posters / cards, comics, movie memorabilia and collectibles.

Sylmeria | Fantasy water globes, magic wands, and hand blown glass creations, made with a variety of natural crystals, gems, rock, and wood.

The Gargoyle Store | US store that sells gargoyle, griffin and dragon merchandise.

The Gothic Store | Horror collectibles (includes some images which may offend).

The Sentry Box | With over 13,000 sq. ft. of display and gaming space, the Sentry Box is a mecca for Calgary citizens interested in fantasy, science fiction, or military games, books and miniatures.

The Space-Crime Continuum | Northampton-based SF store (thatís Massachusetts U.S, not Northampton in Britain).

The Spell Book | Shop that specializes in comics and CCGs (Wizards of Coast etc).

The Stars Our Destination | Based Chicago.

The Tolkien Shop (Tolkienwinkel) | Specialized dealer of Tolkienalia: books, posters, calendars, music, artwork etc.

Titan Games | RPG fantasy and SF game mail-order outfit.

Top Shelf Books | Mail-order catalogue for collectible SF and fantasy hardcover first edition books. Specializing in award winners, signed copies, and UK editions. Mail-order from US.

Toy Ray Gun | An online celebration and study of toy ray guns. Covers the period 1930s-60s (Japanese, US and European). What a frigging gorgeous web site.

TRH Gallery | Dealer in animation, comic book and comic strip art. Physically based in Tarzana, California.

UnEarthly Books | Sells used, rare and out of print SFF books. Based in the Belmont Shore area of California.

UnEarthly Videos and Books | Used, rare, out of print sf-fantasy books & videos - based California. | Source for science fiction book lovers to find books for their collection. Not only for commercial book sellers, but for anyone who wants to try and sell their books. Their sellers range from individuals who only have a few books, to commercial book sellers that want to place part or all of their inventory online.

Whatever Comics | Small family business which now has two retail stores in Canterbury and Maidstone.

White Dwarf Books (Dead Write) | Has been, since 1978, one of Western Canada's main fantasy and science fiction specialty bookstores. They sell new books only - no second hand treasures.

Wizards Way | Range of fantasy and SF gifts from this US store.

Wonder World | Bournmouth-based shop selling comics, fantasy games, science fiction and toys.

86th Floor | Comics, magazines, action figures, models and statues.


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