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William Gibson


Year 1984
Publisher Grafton Books  (Collins Publishing)
ISBN 0586066454



Case was burnt-out, useless, suicidal - his nervous system grievously maimed by a wartime Russian mycotoxin.  The top Japanese experts in nerve-splicing and microbionics had taken his money and left him crippled.  His days as a software cowboy seemed over.

Then Case met a man who could cure him.  In return, Case had to do a job.  Had to.  Because bonded to his artery walls were tiny sacs of the mycotoxin.  Tiny sacs, slowly melting ...




Winner of the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award and the Philip K Dick Memorial Award

'A debut novel set for brain-stun ... streetwise science fiction, whose smart-tough density of character and circumstances make it one of the most unusual and involving narratives to be read in many an artificially induced blue moon'
The Times



Astronaut Michael Gernhardt floats aove the Earth



Credit: NASA

Hanging Out
The pale blue Earth serves as a backdrop for astronaut Michael Gernhardt, who is attached to the Shuttle Endeavour's robot arm during a spacewalk on the STS-69 mission in 1995. Unlike earlier spacewalking astronauts, Gernhardt was able to use an electronic cuff checklist, a prototype developed for the assembly of the International Space Station.

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