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Wilhelmina Baird


Year 1993
Publisher Ace Books
ISBN 0441121632



In the cyber-tech world of tomorrow, the rich get their kicks from watching films with emotional implants - where the viewer feels whatever the actor feels.  To achieve absolute realism, the players don't know the script - they simply react to whatever happens to them.  For all they know, this is real life and the film hasn't started yet.  It's a dangerous job.  But the money is irresistible ...

Cass, Moke, and Dosh had it all figured out: Sign a movie contract and you had it made, right?  ... Not if you're starring in the new cyber-cinema and the audience plugs into your emotions.  Not if you can't tell the difference between real life and reel life.  And especially not if your co-star is a mass murderess ...




"A pungent, gleamy-dark street-future, illuminated with memorable style, a gratifying nasty sense of humour, and a killer eye for twisted technological detail."
William Gibson


Expedition 8 Landing



Credit: NASA

Back on Earth
After six months in space, Expedition 8 Commander Michael Foale gives the thumbs up sign after a smooth landing in Kazakhstan. Foale returned to Earth in a Soyuz spacecraft with Expedition 8 Flight Engineer Alexander Kaleri, and European Space Agency Astronaut Andre Kuipers. During this mission, Foale became the U.S. record-holder for most cumulative time in space. He now has 374 days in orbit.

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