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Stephen J Cannell


Final Victim
Year 1996
Publisher Michael Joseph (Penguin)
ISBN 0718142098



'You are more beautiful than death'

In the flickering realms of cyberspace - protected by an impenetrable electronic barrier - two killers exchange their darkest, sickest fantasies.

One is a convicted murderer, serving life in a high-security prison in Norway.  The other is a vast physical freak from Florida whose mastery of computer systems has given him unimaginable power.  Power to kill whenever he chooses.  To mutilate, desecrate and destroy . . .

Six helpless victims have already been stalked on the Internet.  Ruthlessly eliminated.  Then all traces of time, place and pattern just as brilliantly removed.  Now the Wind Minstrel is ready for his seventh killing.  The last victim that will make his transformation complete.

Maverick customs officer John Lockwood busts a legendary computer hacker from federal prison to help him follow the deadly electronic trail.  But will he be able to lure the Minstrel into the open ... and stop the woman he loves from becoming the final victim?





“Nerve-jangling…a sort of Silence of the Lambs meeting Seven…an assault-the-senses novel whose energy is guaranteed to hook thrill-seeking readers.”
- Booklist



Space Shuttle Discovery lifted off from Kennedy Space Center in a spectacular display of sound and light befitting of Independence Day.



Credit: NASA

Space Shuttle Discovery Lifts Off!
Like a roman candle shooting through the blue sky, the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery on mission STS-121 kicks off the fireworks for the U.S. holiday.

Commanded by Steven Lindsey, Discovery and its crew of seven astronauts roared from Launch Pad 39B to begin a 15,000-mph chase to rendezvous with the International Space Station.

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