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Stephen Baxter


Year 2005
Publisher Gollancz
ISBN 0575074310



Destiny's Children Book Three

'The girl from the future told me the sky is full of dying worlds'.

As the world struggles through the middle years of the 21st century: global warming, the end of oil, Michael Poole is being haunted.  By the far future.  Or a far future at least.
A future where the Transcendents have made themselves into something unimaginably powerful, unimaginably different.  A future where they would be on the cusp of godhood and would finally leave being human behind.
But a future tortured by regret.  A very human regret.  A regret that has to be resolved before they can achieve godhood.
A future that must fold down into the present.
And in that far future a young woman begins an epic journey, across the countless human worlds where mankind has evolved into countless different forms, towards the Transcendence and a different way of being.




'Strong imagination and a capacity for awe abound in the work of Stephen Baxter.  A truly Wellsian vision'
The Times Literary Supplement

'Absurdly ambitious, technically brilliant and downright exciting'



Carthage, Tunisia

Carthage, Tunisia
The ancient site of Carthage in North Africa is seen in this photo taken by the International Space Station's Expedition 13 crew.

NASA Image of the day archive

Credit: NASA





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