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Stephen Baxter


Year 2003
Publisher Gollancz
ISBN 0575075538



Destiny's Children Book One

Things are going to be very different now ...

Sisters matter more than daughters.
Ignorance is strength.
Listen to your sisters.

As the light of the Roman Empire gutters and fails one woman begins a remarkable quest to protect her family.  It is a quest that will last 2000 years and threaten everything we know.

In present-day England George Poole is looking for his long-lost sister.  It is a search that will take him to Rome and into the heart of an ancient secret: a secret that holds a terrifying truth for all our futures.




Whether telling the vivid story of a dying Empire, charting the compelling history of a city, or detailing chilling evolutionary possibilities for mankind, Coalescent is never less than an enthralling piece of storytelling.

Following his landmark work Evolution, Coalescent is proof positive that Stephen Baxter is perhaps the most important science fiction writer of his generation.



Black Hole Eats Star



Credit: NASA

Black Hole Gobbles a Star
The illustration above depicts a supermassive black hole ripping apart a star and consuming a portion of it, a long-predicted astronomical event confirmed by NASA's Chandra and the European Space Agency's XMM-Newton X-ray Observatories.

Astronomers believe a doomed star came too close to a giant black hole after being thrown off course by a close encounter with another star. As it neared the enormous gravity of the black hole, the star was stretched by tidal forces until it was torn apart. This discovery provides crucial information about how these black holes grow and affect surrounding stars and gas.

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