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Stanislaw Lem


The Futurological Congress
Year 1971
Publisher Mandarin
ISBN 0749305290



If the worst must happen to Earth's beleaguered planet, cosmonaut Ijon Tichy always hopes he will have taken off for the stars.  No such luck.  Something in the water at the luxurious 116-floor Costa Rica Hilton blows the century's last Futurological Congress and Tichy's mind.

Drugged to the eyeballs, shot by death squad, flashfrozen in time and at last revivified in the year 2039, Tichy awakens to a psychemised world - society's final solution to the problem of overpopulation that had defeated the futurologists.  But this was beyond their wildest dreams.

Steadfstly refusing the staggering choice of psychotropic delights and horrors offered by psychedelicatessens and almost everyone he encounters, Tichy is determined to run to earth the chemocrats who exert such absolute control over reality.  But no sooner has Stanislaw Lem's stupendously ill-starred cosmonaut stripped away yet another layer of linguistic delusion than his own grip on it is that much weaker ...




'An acid fable, always pointed, always witty'
Eric Korn, Times Literary Supplement


Galaxy NGC 300



Credit: NASA

Glitzy, Glamorous Galaxy
This color composite image of nearby galaxy NGC 300 combines visible-light (red and yellow) with ultraviolet views (blue) from NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX).

Young hot blue stars dominate the outer spiral arms of the galaxy, while the older stars congregate in the nuclear regions which appear yellow-green. Gases heated by hot young stars and shocks due to winds from massive stars and supernova explosions appear in pink, as revealed by the visible-light image of the galaxy.

Located nearly 7 million light years away, NGC 300 is a member of a nearby group of galaxies known as the Sculptor Group. It is a spiral galaxy like our own Milky Way.

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