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Samuel R Delany


The Einstein Intersection
Year 1967
Publisher Ace Books



The Einstein Intersection is a novel of a strange far future when this world of Einsteinian laws, having intersected with a universe following a different set of rules has changed - changed strangely, wonderfully, incredibly.

This is the story of Lobey, an alien Orpheus, and his adventures across a weird sumptuous world, marvelously haunted.  Along his questing trail, he meets Spider, the driver of dragons; Kid Death, the red-headed killer from the sea; the Dove, fabulous love image of a world obsessed; Greeneye, victim of a ritual invented by a race dead for millennia; and Friza - the dark, silent girl Lobey searched for over deserts, through jungles of carnivorous flowers, from a quiet village to a furious city, to the shores of death, and beyond.




Winner of the Nebula Award

"He tosses basic concepts of time and space and mathematics (but valid ones; not pseudo-surface jargon) around as dizzyingly as he juggles dazzling psychological insights and aesthetic theorizings ... This is one of the people who have begun to carve out the new myth of the void.
Judith Merril, Fantasy & Science Fiction



Detail of the Eagle Nebula



Credit: NASA

Eagle's Pillar
A detail of the Eagle Nebula shows a portion of a pillar of gas and dust in this photo from the Hubble Space Telescope. Light from nearby bright, hot, young stars is sculpting the cloud into intricate forms and causing the gas to glow.

NASA Image of the day archive





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