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Robin W Bailey


Year 1983
Publisher Unwin Paperbacks
ISBN 0048232483



Frost, cursed by her mother's dying breath, has lost her powers of sorcery and been forced to wander in exile.  But she has the sacred Book of the Last Battle thrust upon her and is charged with delivering it.  With the Book she is given Demonfang, a dagger well named for once drawn it must taste blood.  From that moment Frost is caught up in a supernatural conflict and must overcome the forces of evil to find redemption, regain her powers and fulfill her mission.




Artist's rendering of a supermassive black hole



Credit: NASA

An Unwelcome Place for New Stars
This artist's concept depicts a supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy. NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer found evidence that black holes -- once they grow to a critical size -- stifle the formation of new stars in elliptical galaxies. Black holes are thought to do this by heating up and blasting away the gas that fuels star formation.

The blue color here represents radiation pouring out from material very close to the black hole. The grayish structure surrounding the black hole, called a torus, is made up of gas and dust. Beyond the torus, only the old red-colored stars that make up the galaxy can be seen. There are no new stars in the galaxy.

NASA Image of the day archive





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