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Robert Charles Wilson


A Bridge of Years
Year 1991
Publisher New English Library  (Hodder and Stoughton)
ISBN 0450609588



Tom Winter thought the secluded cottage in the pine woods would be the perfect refuge: a vine-covered sanctuary, a place to nurse the wounds of lost love and happiness.  But Tom soon discovers that his safe haven is the portal of a tunnel through time.  At one end lies the familiar present.  At the other - New York City, 1963.

Tom's journey back through time offers him a new life, a new love and the chance to start all over again in a simpler, safer world.  But then he finds that the time-tunnel holds a danger far greater than anything he left behind: a human killing machine, escaped from the bleak and brutal future, who will do anything to protect the secret passage he thought was his alone.  Thus Tom Winter is forced to face the terrors of an unknown future to preserve both his worlds, past and present ....




'A marvellous blend of adventure and serious themes, in a very unconventional story of time travel.
Science Fiction Chronicle

'In A Bridge of Years there is beauty, and there is truth ... Robert Charles Wilson is a storyteller of astonishing compassion and understanding.'
Orson Scott Card



Shuttle docked to Mir



Credit: NASA

Atlantis Meets Mir
NASA and the Russian space agency kicked off a new era in international space cooperation in June of 1995, when the Space Shuttle Atlantis docked with the Russian space station Mir for the first time.

Atlantis' mission, STS-71, launched on June 27 and marked the 100th U.S. human space launch. Together, Atlantis and Mir became the largest combined spacecraft ever in orbit, totaling almost a half a million pounds.

For the docking, Shuttle Commander Hoot Gibson positioned Atlantis directly below Mir, so that the Earth's gravity naturally braked the orbiter's approach "up" to Mir. The final approach rate of about an inch per minute ended 216 nautical miles above Russia's Lake Baykal region, with a nearly perfect docking, off by less than one inch and one half a degree.

The Shuttle-Mir program included 11 Space Shuttle flights and 7 astronaut residencies on Mir, and helped pave the way for the International Space Station now in orbit

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