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Ray Bradbury


Fahrenheit 451
Year 1954
Publisher Corgi  (Rupert Hart-Davis)
ISBN 055209238X



Fahrenheit 451: the temperature at which book-paper catches fire and burns.

Fahrenheit 451 is Ray Bradbury's eerie and prophetic novel of a future where happiness is allocated on a TV screen, where individuals, eccentrics and scholars are outcasts of society, and where books - the cause of all unhappiness and disruption - are burned by a special task force of firemen.  

This is the story of Montag, trained by the State to be a destroyer, who one day begins to read a book ...





Aerial view of London



Credit: NASA

Old London Town
Numerous well-known landmarks appear in this detailed view of London taken from the International Space Station on April 5, 2005. The most striking visual features are green open spaces such as Regentís Park, Hyde Park and St. Jamesís Park east of Buckingham Palace. Many smaller parks indicate why Londoners are proud of being able to walk miles through the city mainly on grass. The River Thames -- with its bridges and barges -- is the axis upon which the city was founded in Roman times.

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