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Paul Park


Celestis - US Market
Year 1993
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN 0586215263



Katharine looks like a perfect American teenager.  She's got the clothes, the face, the hair, the body: but it's taken about a million dollars' worth of surgery and mind-changing chemicals to effect the transformation from alien to something almost human.

Simon Mayaram, local consular official from Earth, thinks she's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen.  Until, that is, they are both taken hostage by alien guerillas.  They take away Katharine's drugs.  And as the days and weeks pass, Simon has the disturbing experience of seeing his perfect woman reverting, weirdly and affectingly, to another form of existence entirely ...




'Coelestis is a third world science fiction novel: it could be the first ever written ... superb'

'A brilliant, stunning, frightening writer'
Gene Wolfe

'Compulsive reading'
Kim Stanley Robinson



Orion Nebula



Credit: NASA

Orion of a Different Color
Even with a good telescope you won't come across a sight quite like this one. It is a familiar object though, the grand stellar nursery known as the Orion Nebula. But the striking picture combines images taken through three separate filters, each designed to record different emission lines -- light from sulfur, oxygen, and hydrogen atoms glowing in the tenuous nebular gas.

In this image, sulfur is red, hydrogen is green, and oxygen is blue, a color scheme used in images of other astronomical nebulae as well. While very different from what the eye sees, the image is still both beautiful and scientifically valuable, tracing elements and conditions within the nearby star forming region.

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