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Paul J McAuley


Whole Wide World
Year 2001
Publisher Voyager  (HarperCollins)
ISBN 0002259036



London, in the aftermath of the Infowar.

Then: terrorists bombed the City, brought down the Internet and equalized the nation's bank accounts to zero.

Now: surveillance cameras on every street-corner, their tireless gaze linked to an artificial intelligence system.  Censors patrolling the borders of the Internet.  A young woman murdered before the gaze of eager voyeurs ...

In the ruins of smashed computers around her body, a detective inspector sidelined to a backwater department seizes on the chance to play a part in this high-profile murder case.  He needs to prove to himself that he's some kind of hero, but soon he's caught up in a web of intrigue.  Why was Sophie Booth's murder broadcast over the Internet?  What is the link between her murder and London's new surveillance system?  Who is the self-styled 'Avenger' who communicates anonymously from Cuba?




'This is the big one.  Fast, intense and right on the edge of the headlines'
Greg Bear

'A winner - a deftly told novel based on real science, with outcomes both alarming and uplifting'
Gregory Benford



Full moon floats in space



Credit: NASA

Moon Aglow
Framed by the Earth's horizon and airglow, the full moon floats in the blackness of space in this photo from the Expedition 10 crew on board the International Space Station.

The Station plays a crucial role as an orbital outpost, as NASA pursues an exploration strategy that will send humans back to the lunar surface and eventually on to Mars and beyond.

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