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Patrick Tilley


Cloud Warrior
Year 1983
Publisher Sphere Books
ISBN 0722185162



The Amtrak Wars Book One

Ten centuries ago the Old Time ended when Earth's cities melted in the war of a Thousand Suns.  Now the lethal high technology of the Amtrak Federation's underground stronghold is unleashed on Earth's other survivors - the surface dwelling Mutes.  But the primitive Mutes possess ancient powers greater than any machine ...





Artist's concept of a massive asteroid belt



Credit: NASA

Itís a Rocky World
This artist's concept shows a massive asteroid belt in orbit around a star the same age and size as our Sun. The belt circles a faint, nearby star called HD 69830, located 41 light-years away in the constellation Puppis. Evidence for this possible belt was discovered by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope when it spotted warm dust around the star, presumably from asteroids smashing together. Compared to our own solar system's asteroid belt, this one is larger and closer to its star--it is 25 times as massive, and lies just inside an orbit equivalent to that of Venus.

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