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Orson Scott Card


Ender's Game
Year 1985
Publisher Legend  (Arrow Books Limited)
ISBN 0099496100



Volume One of Ender's Saga

When humanity is under threat from an alien race, Ender Wiggins, at the age of six, leaves his family on Earth to journey to the Belt.  There he enters Battle School, where his life is strictly disciplined by mind games and computer mock-battles fought in deadly earnest.  Instinct, compassion and genius make Ender unequalled.  But while he trains, the invasion approaches fast.  And Ender will be pushed to the limits of endurance, for his is a unique destiny ...




'Full of surprises ... Intense is the word for Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game'
New York Times

'Every volume of the Ender saga ... comprises some of the most hauntingly brilliant writing of the decade'



Astronaut Ed White walks in space



Credit: NASA

Flashback: America's First Spacewalk
NASA Astronaut Ed White made history on June 3, 1965, when he floated out of the hatch of his Gemini 4 capsule into the void of space. The first American "spacewalk" -- or Extravehicular Activity (EVA) -- lasted 23 minutes, not nearly long enough for White. He later said the spacewalk was the most comfortable part of the mission, and said the order to end it was the "saddest moment" of his life.

White was attached to the capsule by a 25 foot umbilical cord. He initially used a gas powered gun held in his hand to maneuver. After the first three minutes the fuel ran out and White moved around by twisting his body and pulling on the cord.

This photograph of White's spacewalk was taken by Gemini 4 Commander James McDivitt, still inside the spacecraft.

NASA Image of the day archive





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