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Maureen F McHugh


China Mountain Zhang
Year 1992
Publisher Orbit  (Tor)
ISBN 1857232704



'I am Zhang, alone with my light, and in that light I think for a moment that I am free.'

Imagine a world: a sinocentric world where Chinese Marxism has vanquished the values of capitalism and Lenin is the prophet of choice.  A cybernetic world where the new charioteers are flyers, human-powered kites dancing in the skies over New York in a brief grab at glory.  A world where the opulence of Beijing marks a new cultural imperialism, as wealthy urbanites flirt with interactive death in illegal speakeasies, and where Arctic research stations and communes on Mars are haunted by their own fragile dangers.

A world of fear and hope, of global disaster and slow healing, where progress can only be found in the cracks of a crumbling hegemony.

The world of Zhang.  An anti-hero who's still finding his way, treading a path through a totalitarian order - a path that just might make a difference.




Winner of the Locus Award for Best First Novel

'An astonishing tour de force ... This is a rich and amazingly intelligent novel, drawing a portrait of a time, a place, and characters that will absolutely convince you of their reality'
Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine

'Distinctive, evocative, and occasionally so brilliant that it's hard to believe this is a first novel'



Spirit Looks at 'Bonneville' Crater



Credit: NASA

The Edge of Bonneville Crater
NASA's Spirit rover peers over the rim and into the interior of a martian crater nicknamed "Bonneville," seen here in a portion of a 180-degree, false-color mosaic. Scientists will use the photo to judge the depth of the surface material and make future observation plans.

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