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Lisa Tuttle


Lost Futures
Year 1992
Publisher Grafton (HarperCollins Publishers)
ISBN 0586212949



The Many Lives of Clare Beckett

Clare Beckett is an accountant - thirty-three, unmarried and unbalanced.  At least, she thinks she is.  But recently, there's been a blur around the solid edges of her life.  Memories sometimes seem more solid than her present.  Friends and lovers seem to shift their significance.  Time has ceased to be linear ...

Haunted by unsuccessful affairs, guilt over the death of her young brother, and a general sense of having missed out on something vital along the way.  Clare suffers a breakdown.  During her slow recovery she becomes obsessed with the idea that there are many other Clare Becketts, each living out a life determined by a crux decision from her 'real-world' life.  One Clare is a successful mathematician living in New York; one has been married and divorced; another is a dream-traveller under scientific study; yet another is caught in a limbo of mental illness.

Is she going mad?  Or do we all inhabit a universe in which our other selves lead elaborate separate lives?





Malaspina Glacier, Alaska



Credit: NASA

Alaska's Malaspina Glacier
The tongue of the Malaspina Glacier, the largest glacier in Alaska, fills most of this image. The Malaspina lies west of Yakutat Bay and covers 1,500 square miles (3,880 square kilometers).

This is a false-color composite image made using infrared, near infrared, and green wavelengths. The image has also been sharpened using the sensor's panchromatic band. The image was acquired by Landsat 7's Enhanced Thematic Mapper plus (ETM+) sensor on August 31, 2000.

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