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Kim Stanley Robinson


The Memory of Whiteness
Year 1985
Publisher Orbit
ISBN 0708882110



AD 3229: humanity is scattered among the planets of the solar system.  Millions of lives depend on the revolutionary physics of Arthur Holywelkin; millions of hearts are moved by the music created by the strange, eerie instrument he built in the last years of his life: the Orchestra.

Johannes Wright is the Ninth - and youngest - Master of the Orchestra.  But as he sets out on his first Grand Tour of the Solar System, unseen foes are at his heel, ready to reveal all but the meaning of their enmity.  In confronting them, Wright must redefine the Universe - for himself and all humanity.




Winner of the World Fantasy Award

'An elegance that manages to contain a what-happens-next vigor ... It makes its own astonishing connection'
The Times

'A symphony of ideas'  Greg Bear

'A beautiful imaginative leap'  Gregory Benford



SRTM image of Alaska glacier



Credit: NASA

Mapping the World
Malaspina Glacier in southeastern Alaska is considered the classic example of a piedmont glacier. Piedmont glaciers occur where valley glaciers exit a mountain range onto broad lowlands and spread to become wide lobes. Malaspina Glacier is actually a compound glacier, formed by the merger of several valley glaciers. In total, Malaspina Glacier is up to 40 miles wide and extends up to 28 miles from the mountain front nearly to the sea.

This perspective view was created from a Landsat satellite image and an elevation model generated by the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM). The SRTM mission, launched aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour on February 11, 2000, was designed to collect three-dimensional measurements of the Earth's surface.

Landsat views both visible and infrared light, which have been combined here into a color composite that generally shows glacial ice in light blue, snow in white, vegetation in green, bare rock in grays and tans, and the ocean (foreground) in dark blue. The back (northern) edge of the data set forms a false horizon that meets a false sky.

NASA Image of the day archive





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