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Kenneth Bulmer


To Outrun Doomsday
Year 1967
Publisher New English Library  (Ace Books)
ISBN 450020746



When hard-luck spaceman Jack Waley crashlanded on the planet Kerim he found a weird and wonderful world thrown into fearful chaos by the anger of its quasi-god, Pe'Ichen.  The mysterious Pe'Ichen showered his people with jewelry, weapons, clothing ... yet denied them the necessities, such as food and shelter.  The grand houses of Kerim, which had always repaired themselves for as long as anyone could remember, now were crumbling, falling hazards to anyone venturing near them.

Yet these were only the symptoms of a far deadlier peril shadowing this once-bright planet ... a peril bumbling Jack Waley would ultimately have to face alone, with an entire world's fate hanging in the balance.








Erupting Volcano Mount Etna



Credit: NASA

Erupting Volcano Mount Etna
An Expedition Two crewmember aboard the International Space Station (ISS) captured this overhead look at the smoke and ash regurgitated from the erupting volcano Mt. Etna on the island of Sicily, Italy. At an elevation of 10,990 feet (3,350 m), the summit of the Mt. Etna volcano, one of the most active and most studied volcanoes in the world, has been active for a half-million years and has erupted hundreds of times in recorded history.

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