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John Barnes


Mother of Storms
Year 1994
Publisher Millennium
ISBN 1857982444



This futuristic disaster novel by the author of A Million Open Doors opens in the year 2028, when a preemptive missile strike releases billions of tons of methane trapped in the ocean floor. The resultant atmospheric heat spawns massive supernatural hurricanes that ravage the world's coastlands and claim millions of lives. The only hope of salvation rests with astronaut Louie Tynan--who has become superintelligent, perhaps superhuman, through a computer system linked to his mind--and his desperate plan to shield the earth from the sun until it can cool.
Publishers Weekly



The mother of storms is a global epidemic of hurricanes ... While experts struggle in vain to counteract the consequent, devastating greenhouse effect, coastlines sink, cities are decimated and politicians manoeuvre for control ... John Barnes masterfully juggles many narrative elements, ranging from a realistic vision of the mid-twenty-first century to a wide cast of complex, believable characters.


NASA satellite photographs Pacific typhoons



Credit: NASA

Twin Typhoons
The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA's Terra satellite snapped this image of Typhoons Mindulle, left, and Tingting spinning side by side in the Pacific Ocean on June 30, 2004. News reports blame Mindulle for several deaths in the Philippines and massive floods in Taiwan. When this picture was taken, Mindulle's maximum wind speed was 125 miles per hour.

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