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John Barnes


A Million Open Doors
Year 1992
Publisher Millennium  (Tor)
ISBN 1857981499



Across the stars humanity has settled thousands of worlds, and now those worlds are quickly - far too quickly - being reunited by instantaneous transportation ...

Giraut Leones, from the troubadour-like Nou Occitan, impulsively exiles himself to the gritty, passionate world of Caledony.  He brings change, uncomfortable too-swift change ... As Caledony struggles under the tremendous shock of the new communications, and then breaks down, and as upheaval and fear spread across the Thousand Cultures, Giraut must find the strength and courage to embrace his fate if he and the worlds he loves are to survive ...




'A venerable theme of traditional science fiction - the reintegration of far-flung colony worlds - enlivened with such zest, energy and intelligence that readers across a wide spectrum of tastes will be charmed.  A consistently enjoyable read, one of the most inventive and diverting science fiction novels of the year'
Washington Post

'Strong, thoughtful, passionate ... Joh Barnes carries us away by giving the sweep of history a deftly personal touch'
Orson Scott Card



Zero Gravity Facility in 1966



Credit: NASA

Zero Gravity
This photograph from 1966 shows the Zero Gravity Facility at Lewis Research Center, now known as John H. Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field. This tunnel view looks up from level 5. In this experiment, the tower dropped 460 feet and allowed scientists 5.18 seconds of zero gravity. By comparison, the Washington Monument is 555 feet tall.

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