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Joe Haldeman


The Forever War
Year 1974
Publisher Orbit  (Futura)
ISBN 0860078825



My name is Private Mandella.

I am one of the elite of the Earth.  I have an IQ over 150; I have unusual health and strength and I have been conscripted to guard humanity against the Tauran menace on some lonely outpost of the galaxy.

The catch is - the only way to get back home is after a combat tour, which because of the collapsar jump could last a century or two.  That won't matter, I'll only be a few months older, but I won't recognise the Earth I left.  And, of course, not fitting in I won't want to stay there.  So I'll re-enlist.  And when I return as a veteran they won't even speak my language ...

The army is my home now.

But that's what they planned all along wasn't it ... wasn't it?




Winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards

Joe Haldeman originally wrote this novel as an allegory of the Vietnam war, told through the eyes of a reluctant soldier caught up in a battle that never seemed to end, while the world he left behind changed drastically. However, it applies to all wars, in any time, and the book has never lost its timeliness.
Ryan Harvey



Light emitted by a planet far beyond our Solar System



Credit: NASA

Light from a Distant Solar System
Light emitted by a planet far beyond our Solar System has been identified for the first time. The planet, illustrated in the above drawing, had its light detected by comparing the brightness of only the parent star, when the planet was behind the star, to the light emitted when both the planet and its parent star were visible. NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope made the observation in infrared light, where the intrinsic glow of the planet outshines the light it reflects from its central star.

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