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Joe Haldeman


Forever Free
Year 1999
Publisher Millennium
ISBN 1857989317



The sequel to The Forever War

William Mandela and his partner Marygay survived a war which should never have been.  They lived long enough to see humanity changed beyond all recognition.  The human race has evolved into Man, a group mind similar to the alien Taurans that William and Marygay used to fight.

But Man's society doesn't feel right and the veterans are treated as specimens, survivors of another age.  The old soldiers decide to hijack a spaceship and plot a 40,000 light-year-long journey to nowhere and back: an attempt to escape to the future using relativity in the hope that something, anything will have changed.






'If there was a Fort Knox for science fiction writers who really matter, we'd have to lock Haldeman up there'. Stephen King 

 'Haldeman has long been one of our most aware, comprehensive, and necessary writers.' Peter Straub



Space Shuttle Enterprise



Credit: NASA

Enterprise Lifted Into Dynamic Test Stand
This aerial view of the Shuttle Enterprise from 1978 shows the shuttle orbiter being hoisted into Marshall's Dynamic Test Stand for the Mated Vertical Ground Vibration test. The test marked the first time that the entire Space Shuttle--an orbiter, an external tank and two solid rocket boosters--were mated together. The purpose of the vibration tests was to verify whether the shuttle performed its launch configuration as predicted.

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