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Jack McDevitt


The Engines of God
Year 1994
Publisher Voyager  (HarperCollins)
ISBN 0006482279



Two hundred years ago, humans made a stunning discovery ..
In the far reaches of the solar system: a huge statue of an alien creature, with an inscription that defied all efforts of translation.

Now, faster-than-light drive opens the stars to exploration, humans are finding other relics of the race they call the Monument-Makers - each different, and each heartbreakingly beautiful.  But except for a set of footprints on Jupiter's moon Iapetus, there is no trace of the enigmatic race that has left them behind.

Then a team of scientists working on a dead world discover an ominous new image of the Monument-Makers.  Somehow it all fits with other lost civilizations, and possibly with Earth's own future.  And distant past.  But Earth itself is on the brink of ecological disaster - there is no time to search for answers.  Even to a question that may hold the key to survival for the entire human race ...




Superlative science fiction. Some of the best I have read in the last decade. McDevitt's work is clear and concise, with the adventure unrolling with no stop. The sense of mystery that it begins with, continued right to the last page. McDevitt has a great sounding and authoritive narrative voice. He is at home with his new technologies and methods.
Barton J Chandler





Credit: NASA

Space Shuttle Atlantis takes flight on the STS-27 mission in December 2, 1988. The Shuttle takes about 8.5 minutes to accelerate to a speed of over 17,000 miles per hour and go into orbit.

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