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Jack Finney


Time & Again
Year 1970
Publisher Legend  (Arrow Books Limited)
ISBN 0099590107



Illustrator Si Morley leads an average sort of existence ... but the greatest adventure of his life is about to begin.

Why is he chosen to take part in the bizarre, unbelievable government experiment?  Does he really step out of his twentieth-century apartment one night to find himself in the streets of 1882 New York?

In a nostalgic, astonishing whirlwind of mystery, romance and danger, he finds himself in another life - in another time and in a world that no longer exists.  Or does it?




The classic time-travel novel, illustrated with period photographs, from the author of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


Saturn and its moon Tethys



Credit: NASA

The Color of Darkness
Sunlight filters through Saturn's rings in sepia tones in this artful view of the dark side of the rings taken from the Cassini spacecraft. Those rays from the sun directly reflected from the lit side of the rings onto the planet strike and illuminate the night-side southern hemisphere, as seen in the full resolution.

The densely populated B ring blocks much of the sun's light and thus looks quite dark.

Tethys (1,071 kilometers, or 665 miles across) is a mere sliver below left.

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