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Isaac Asimov


I, Robot
Year 1950
Publisher Voyager Classics
ISBN 0007119631



When Earth is ruled by master-machines, when robots often seem more human than people. The Three Laws of Robotics ensure that mankind remains superior and the robots are kept in their rightful place.  But an insane telepathic robot is produced by an error; a robot assembled in space logically deduces its superiority to non-rational humanity; and when machines serve mankind rather than individual humans, a machine's idea of what is good for society may itself contravene the sacred Three Laws.



Isaac Asimov ushered in the Robot Age with these stories.  Far removed from the metal monsters of pulp science fiction, his positronic robots gave him the scope to examine the minefield of human psychology by exploring the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

These timeless stories from the Grand Master of science fiction provide a fascinating insight into how robots and humans might co-exist.  Asimov's questioning of definitions of humanity and human behaviour continues to capture the imagination in these brilliantly inventive and thought-provoking tales.



STS-114 astronaut Soichi Noguchi



Credit: NASA

Soichi in Space
STS-114 astronaut Soichi Noguchi waves from the Shuttle payload bay, backdropped by the Earth below. During the mission's second spacewalk, Noguchi and Discovery crewmate Steve Robinson replaced a failed gyroscope which keeps the International Space Station in the proper position in orbit.

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