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Greg Egan


Year 1992
Publisher Legend Books
ISBN 0099153815



Late twenty-first century - a time when bioengineering means that people can modify their minds in any way they wish; an era also shaped by information systems so vast that security, in any form, can easily be breached.  Be what you want to be but don't expect the world, your life, to become any less uncertain.  And for thirty-three years, humanity has lived with the religious cults and terrorism spawned by fear of the unknown.  

One night the stars went out; everything disappeared from the sky.  'The Bubble' - a perfect sphere centred on the sun - has isolated the solar system.  Humanity has been cut off.  Quarantined. 

Late twenty-first century - a time when scientific research is reaching for ultimates, when experimentation starts to break down the walls of everyday reality.  The scientists have no concept of the awesome force they play with.  Of how close they dance to the edge ...




'Quarantine qualifies as grand speculation in the purest sense,'s a stunning first novel.'


Stardust closes in on Comet Wild 2



Credit: NASA

Stardust Chases the Comet
An artist's rendering shows NASA's Stardust spacecraft closing in on Comet Wild 2. After travelling about 2 billion miles in just under five years, Stardust is set to come within 186 miles of the comet on Friday, January 2, 2004. Using a "cometary catcher's mitt" filled with a special material called aerogel, Stardust will collect particles from Wild 2 and bring them back to Earth in January 2006.

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