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Gordon R Dickson


Soldier, Ask Not
Year 1967
Publisher Sphere
ISBN 0722129521



The Second in the Dorsai Trilogy

The black-clad mercenaries of the Friendly planets fought where their employer and their God dictated.  On New Earth they pitted their fanaticism against the cold courage of the Dorsai

And the implacable hatred of one man, Tam Olyn.  Olyn saw his brother-in-law shot down before his eyes.  His quest for vengeance took him across half the civilized worlds, to Cassida and Frieland, to St Marie and back to New Earth.  He met men of all the splinter groups into which Mankind had evolved and he used them all to bring about his revenge - until Padma the Exotic taught him how to use his special powers ... and the frightening knowledge of the Final Encyclopaedia.



Review Winner of the Hugo Award


Astronaut Dave Scott stands in the hatch of the module



Credit: NASA

Gumdrop Meets Spider
Apollo 9 astronaut Dave Scott stands in the open hatch of the Command Module "Gumdrop," docked to the Lunar Module "Spider" in Earth orbit. His crewmate Rusty Schweickart took the photo. Along with Jim McDivitt, Scott and Schweickart tested out the orbital rendezvous and docking procedures that made the lunar landings possible.

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