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Gene Wolfe


Nightside the Long Sun
Year 1993
Publisher New English Library  (Tor)
ISBN 0450597636



In a weird far future, a vast starship moves through space.  To its human inhabitants, remote descendants of the First Settlers, the Whorl is the only home they have ever known: a world scorched by the harsh rays of the Long Sun and haunted by ancient 'gods' who appear infrequently on scattered screens to deliver enigmatic messages.  A world of pervasive, sinister mystery in which Patera Silk, a young augur of the decaying city of Viron, is drawn into a shifting maze of nightmarish intrigue at the start of his strange journey to an unguessable destiny ...



The First Volume of The Book of the Long Sun

'The first volume of what promises to be Wolfe's masterpiece'
Lucius Shepard



Sunrise, as seen from Space Shuttle Discovery



Credit: NASA

Sunrise in Space
This view featuring a sunrise dissecting a line of airglow of Earth's atmosphere was photographed by an STS-114 crewmember onboard Space Shuttle Discovery after departure from the International Space Station.

NASA Image of the day archive





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