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Frederick Pohl


Man Plus
Year 1976
Publisher Panther  (Victor Gollancz)
ISBN 0586047093



Man Plus is a haunting vision of tomorrow's man - less mortal than monster, more machine than flesh and blood ...

Man Plus is a desperate top-level plan to save mankind and satisfy the sinister predictions of a government computer ...

Man Plus is Frederick Pohl's stunning novel of an all-too-possible future when Man must be biologically modified for survival on an alien planet before he exterminates himself on Earth.




Winner of the Nebula Award

'Frederick Pohl's skill as a writer is first class.  In his grasp of scientific and technological possibilities he ranks with Asimov and Clarke ... I found the book terrifyingly plausible and at times, a traumatic experience'
Edmund Cooper



Artist's concept of Laser Power Stations.



Credit: NASA

Laser Power Stations
Laser power stations, perhaps drawing energy from the local environment, might one day propel spacecraft throughout the solar system, as seen in the futuristic artist's concept above. NASA has developed artwork like this over the years to help visualize various exploration concepts, from small robotic probes to multiple-spacecraft human exploration missions.

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