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Eric Brown


Meridian Days
Year 1992
Publisher Pan Books
ISBN 0339322877



'I survive.  I live from day to day - a Meridian day which humanity has created from one eternal stretch of daylight.'

Meridian, twenty light years from Earth and with just a tiny scattering of inhabitable islands, seems the perfect place for Bob Benedict to escape the tragedy of his past.

Here he can live out his days in drug abuse, despised by and despising the self-obsessed community of artists who make up the population of Meridian: the Altereds who have swapped human form for animal and the Augmenteds who have boosted their minds with computers.  A fine place to shut reality out of life.

But when Benedict meets Fire, the daughter of the formidable Tamara Trevellion, the most ruthlessly ambitious of the artists, he is drawn into a world of corruption and murder that is far darker than his past.

Soon it's all he can do just to survive ...




'The essence of modern science fiction'
Bob Shaw


Stardust closes in on Comet Wild 2



Credit: NASA

Stardust Chases the Comet
An artist's rendering shows NASA's Stardust spacecraft closing in on Comet Wild 2. After travelling about 2 billion miles in just under five years, Stardust is set to come within 186 miles of the comet on Friday, January 2, 2004. Using a "cometary catcher's mitt" filled with a special material called aerogel, Stardust will collect particles from Wild 2 and bring them back to Earth in January 2006.

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