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Dan Simmons


Year 1989
Publisher Headline Book Publishing
ISBN 0747234825



It is the twenty-ninth century and the universe of the Human Hegemony is under threat.  Invasion by the warlike rebel Ousters looms, and the mysterious schemes of the secessionist AI TechnoCore bring chaos even closer.

On the eve of disaster, with the entire galaxy at war, seven pilgrims set forth on a final voyage to the fabled Time Tombs on Hyperion, home to the Shrike, a lethal creature, part god and part killing machine, whose powers transcend the limits of time and space.  Like another fabled group of pilgrims, each traveller shares his story with his fellows, seeking answers to the unsolved riddles of all their lives.  And they have resolved to die before discovering anything less than the secrets of the universe itself.




Winner of the Hugo Award and Locus Award

Hyperion is a brilliant tapestry, a superb vision of future technology and ancient religions, of scientific revelation and timeless mystery, of transcendent joy and mind-bending horror.  It is a landmark in modern science fiction.



Night view of lights across North America



Credit: NASA

Bright Lights, Big Cities
As United States has undergone a steady process of urbanization, scientists are becoming more concerned about the long-term effects. Unlike rural communities, urban sprawl completely transforms the landscape and the soil and alters the surrounding ecosystem and the climate. Marc Imhoff, a biologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and a team of researchers have been looking for ways to measure the effects of urbanization on the biological productivity in the United States and other countries around the world. The researchers created a method of mapping urbanization on a countrywide scale by using satellite images of the light cities generate at night. With the resulting city lights maps, they are now zeroing in on the impacts urban sprawl has on the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the ecosystem within which we live.

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