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Clifford D Simak


Why Call Them Back from Heaven?
Year 1967
Publisher Pan  (Victor Gollancz)
ISBN 330025155



As the years went by, mankind increasingly came to believe a physical second life was possible.

In the 21st century, as billions of frozen bodies await revival, their funds are administered by Forever Centre, the most powerful institution on earth.

But can the Centre afford to revive them?  Where will these new masses live?  Why are the Holies so opposed to revival?

And where is Daniel Frost, outcast and fugitive, whose chance discovery could destroy the Centre?




'Clifford D Simak has never written a bad novel.  Keep a free evening for this one.  It will hold you.'
The Sunday Times

Why Call Them Back from Heaven ought to be added to the canon of dystopian literature and permitted to take its place alongside 1984, Fahrenheit 451 and Brave New World. What sets Simak's novel apart from other dystopian fiction is its degree of uncertainty; we know that keeping a populace complacent by means of drugs is wrong, just as we know that banning all forms of literature to keep contradictory points of view from bogging down the system is likewise immoral. But we are never told whether the claim of eventual immortality for all mankind is a true or a false one; all we are given is the effects that such a claim has on society, and we are left to wonder whether or not it is true, and whether it's worth it even if it is true.
Desmond Warzel



Apollo 12 on the Moon



Credit: NASA

Apollo 12
Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean climbs down the lunar module Intrepid, joining Pete Conrad on the Moon  -- November 19, 1969.

The second lunar landing mission, Apollo 12 proved the astronauts could make a precise landing. It also gave the crew a chance for a unique rendezvous with the robotic explorer Surveyor 3, which had been on the Moon since 1967. Conrad and Bean spent more than 31 hours on the surface before rejoining crewmate Dick Gordon orbiting overhead in the command module Yankee Clipper.

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