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Christopher Priest


The Glamour
Year 1984
Publisher Abacus  (Sphere Books)
ISBN 0349128103



All Richard Grey wanted was to recover, to return to normal.  For four long, painful months he had been convalescing after the horrifying injuries that he sustained when a car bomb exploded near him.

He could remember the years he spent as a cameraman, covering stories all over the world, and he could remember taking a break from his career, but there was a profound blankness where his memory of the weeks before the explosion should have been.  It was as if his life had been re-edited and part of it erased.

But then Susan Kewley came to visit him and she spoke of those weeks.  And what Richard wanted most was a glimpse of what that time had held for the two of them.  But the glimpses he is afforded take him into a strange and terrible twilight world - a world of apparent madness, the world of 'the glamour'.




Christopher Priest's rich and subtle narrative is mesmerising and profoundly moving, as compelling and as deceptive as a Hitchcock film.

'One of our most gifted writers'
John Fowles



The asteroid Eros



Credit: NASA

The Ups and Downs of Eros
The shape, density and spin of the asteroid Eros combine to create a bizarre pattern of what is "uphill" and "downhill," as shown in this image from the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) spacecraft. In this view, a map of "gravitational topography" has been painted onto a shape model. Red areas are "uphill" and blue areas are "downhill." A ball dropped onto one of the red spots would try to roll across the nearest green area to the nearest blue area.

NEAR touched down on Eros on February 12, 2001, after transmitting 69 close-up images of the surface during its final descent.

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