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Brian Aldiss


Helliconia Spring
Year 1982
Publisher Triad  (Grafton Books)
ISBN 0586053654



The great drama of life on Helliconia is shaped by its cosmic limitations.  It revolves with three other planets round the star Batalix, the whole group revolving in turn in a giant ellipse round Freyr, fifteen times the size of our sun and 60,000 times as luminous ...

In the fierce contrasts of climate, whole seasons last for centuries and civilisations rise and fall with each three-millennia orbit of Freyr.  The winter alone of that Great Year would last for some five centuries ...




Part One of the Helliconia Trilogy

'The beginning of a marvellous journey to another world - a remarkable feat of the imagination
John Fowles



Spectators at the NASA News Center at Kennedy Space Center view the lanch.



Credit: NASA

Spectators at the NASA News Center at Kennedy Space Center get a birds-eye-view of Space Shuttle Discovery as it roars through a stray cloud after liftoff at 10:39 a.m. EDT from Launch Pad 39B on the historic Return to Flight mission STS-114. It is the 114th Space Shuttle flight and the 31st for Discovery. The 12-day mission will end with touchdown at the Shuttle Landing Facility on Aug. 7.

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