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Brian Aldiss


Cryptozoic!  (An Age)
Year 1967
Publisher House of Stratus
ISBN 0755100530



Our minds conceal and distort the real nature of Time . . . Time flows backwards to the womb, to the uncreated . . 

Edward Bush, wandering on the bleak shores of the Devonian Age, is shadowed by the Dark Woman.  She pursues the artist with new questions, possibilities and terrors.  Was she a hallucination produced by the stresses of his bizarre existence?  Or was she a ghost from a future more remote than his own?  Bush is removed from his contemplative state when he returns to his own time - the year 2093 - and is forced into a brutal regime to supervise mind-travel.



Review A mingling of time travel and philosophy.


Astronaut Joseph R. Tanner, STS-115 mission specialist



Credit: NASA

Installation Day
It was "installation day" on the International Space Station. The Atlantis and Expedition 13 crews worked on attaching the P3/P4 truss during the first of three scheduled spacewalks by STS-115 shuttle crew members on Sept. 12, 2006. Mission specialist, Astronaut Joseph R. Tanner, pictured as he translated along the station hardware, later was joined by mission specialist Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper.

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