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Bob Shaw


The Ragged Astronauts
Year 1986
Publisher Futura Publications  (Victor Gollancz)
ISBN 0708882277



Land and Overland - twin worlds a few thousand miles apart.  On Land, humanity faces a threat to its very survival - an airborne species, the ptertha, has declared war on humankind and is actively hunting for victims.  The only hope lies in migration.  Through space to Overland.  By balloon.

Volume one of three




"Set in a beautifully imagined world of considerable originality, The Ragged Astronauts has an atmosphere and story guaranteed to revive a sense of wonder (and pure enjoyment) in the most jaded reader.  This new departure confirms Bob Shaw's reputation as one of Britain's most versatile SF masters."
Michael Moorcock


Rocket launching tower



Credit: NASA

Dr. Goddard's Rocket
Aviator Charles Lindbergh took this picture of Robert H. Goddard's rocket, as he peered down the launching tower on Sept. 23, 1935, in Roswell, New Mexico. In 1935, Goddard launched the A-series of tests on rockets made with gyro-controlled blast vane, which stabilized the rocket during flight. Dr. Goddard has been recognized as the father of American rocketry, as well as one of the pioneers in the theoretical exploration of space. His dream was the conquest of the upper atmosphere and ultimately space through the use of rocket propulsion.

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