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Bill Hunger


Year 1996
Publisher Hampton Roads Publishing Company Inc.
ISBN 157174049X



A novel of Bio-Consequences
bio-consequences (bi'o-kon'si-kwen(t)s) n. 1. The direct or indirect impact of varying influences on living matter or organisms.  2. The result of the interaction between living organisms and the bio-sphere.  3. The degradation of an ecosystem by living organisms due to bio-waste.  4. The effect of a degraded ecosystem on its living organisms.  (Greek bios, life).

In the near future, a mysterious new disease spreads like wildfire, threatening to exterminate humanity within months.  Traditional medicine is powerless.  An oddly assorted team, including a wilderness expert and a crusading journalist, led by an eccentric herbalist named Gurner, scours the world's forests in search of an herbal cure.

As they gather medicinal plants that alleviate some of the symptoms, they must race against the global clear-cutting of old-growth and rain forests in a desperate effort to find a complete remedy before ALLIS destroys humanity.

Revealing the mind-set that results in the daily decimation of 100 species of plane and animal life, Clearcut is a novel of inevitable bio-consequences.




"A deep, satisfying thriller ... (that) argues compellingly for the interconnectedness of all life forms, and the latent powers of nature which humankind has ignored at its own peril."
Michael Tobias, author of Voice of the Planet and World War III


Record-breaking paper airplane



Credit: NASA

Record Breaking Paper Airplane
This 1992 photograph shows a world record breaking paper airplane inside a hangar at NASA's Langley Research Center in Virginia.

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