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Ben Bova


Year 1978
Publisher Magnum  (Methuen)
ISBN 0417041306



The first novel of colonies in space.

Hurtling across a vast and rousing canvas, from Baghdad to what remains of New York City ... from Messina, the capital of the Earth, to the moon, to Island One, the magnificent colony in space ... Ben Bova's extraordinary novel is a brilliant epic of sheer storytelling power.

Colony is the story of once-proud cities of the Earth made humble by greed and revenge, of Stone Age cultures and advanced civilizations in space, of a cast of extraordinary and memorable characters from the remote corners of the globe and beyond ... and of David Adams, the first genetically perfect test-tube human being - the only man who can save the Earth from final destruction.




'A beautiful story and full of prophetic visions'
Frank Herbert


Spirit Looks at 'Bonneville' Crater



Credit: NASA

The Edge of Bonneville Crater
NASA's Spirit rover peers over the rim and into the interior of a martian crater nicknamed "Bonneville," seen here in a portion of a 180-degree, false-color mosaic. Scientists will use the photo to judge the depth of the surface material and make future observation plans.

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