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Barrington J Bayley


Collision with Chronos
Year 1977
Publisher Fontana Science Fiction
ISBN 0006149073



Cosmic Catastrophe!!!
It couldn't be true - but it was.

The ancient ruins that dotted Earth's landscape seemed to be disobeying the laws of time, becoming less and less decrepit as the years went by.

Everyone had his own theory, but it was only when scientists perfected their time machines that the awful truth dawned.  The ruins were getting younger every day, and their builders came not from the past but from Earth's own future, from a society occupying the same planet yet moving in time in the opposite direction, their present lying in Earth's future, their future in Earth's past.

The two worlds were hurtling towards each other in time at a terrifying speed.  Soon, unless something drastic was done, the two would collide and both would be annihilated in a horrific and extraordinary cosmic accident ...





Hurricane Emily nears Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.



Credit: NASA

Hurricane Emily
Hurricane Emily menaces Mexico's Yucatan peninsula in this July 16, 2005 image from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA's Terra satellite.

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