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Arthur C Clarke


The Fountains of Paradise
Year 1979
Publisher Pan  (Victor Gollancz)
ISBN 0330259849



The Year: 2142AD

The Place: Taprobane, a tropical island paradise

The Project: A giant space elevator to transport men and materials to a point outside the earth's atmosphere ...

The Man: Ace engineer Vannevar Morgan

The Problem: Only suitable site is a sacred mountain jealously guarded by monks ...




Winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards

'An extraordinary dynamo of ideas that transcend mere science fiction'
Evening Standard

'A superbly crafted novel that may be the best in his canon ...'



Lunar Eclipse



Credit: NASA

Tracing the Lunar Eclipse
Photographer David Cortner recorded this dramatic composite sequence of the November 8 total lunar eclipse in the skies over Connelly's Springs, North Carolina. Cortner took telescopic pictures of the Moon every eight minutes, then recorded a wide-angle view in a long exposure to bring out the thickening clouds and a silhouetted landscape. Later, the views were carefully combined along the Moon's trail through the wide-angle image to create the sequence. Credit and Copyright: David Cortner

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