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Arthur C Clarke


Childhood's End
Year 1954
Publisher Pan Books  (Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd)
ISBN 0330105736



Blotting out the light from the stars they had linked so effortlessly the silent ships hang suspended over the great cities of Earth ...

Armed with a staggering power and an infinite wisdom the invaders from outer space shock Earth into submission - but what is their purpose?

Breath-taking in its imaginative sweep, this brilliant story explores the distant reaches of space, tells of the last generation of Man - and of the the last Man himself.




Childhood's End  'There has been nothing like it for years ... an author who understands there may be things that have a higher claim on humanity than its own 'survival.'
CS Lewis

"Wonderfully imaginative novel of the transformation of Man ... hailed as a landmark by aficionados of science fiction."
New York Times



Earth viewed from Apollo 17



Credit: NASA

Earth in Full View
The Apollo 17 crew caught this breathtaking view of our home planet as they were traveling to the Moon in 1972. It's the first time astronauts were able to photograph the South polar ice cap. Nearly the entire coastline of Africa is clearly visible, along with the Arabian Peninsula.

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