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A E van Vogt


The World of Null-A
Year 1948
Publisher Sphere
ISBN 0765300974



Who was Gosseyn?

Gosseyn himself didn't know his own identity - only that he could be killed, yet live again ... But someone knew who Gosseyn was - and was using him as a pawn in a deadly game that spanned the Galaxy!




"Without doubt one of the most exciting, continuously complex and richly patterned science fiction novels ever written"
Geoff Conklin

"After more than half a century I can still recall the impact of his early stories". 
Arthur C. Clarke

"One of those once-in-a-decade classics" 
John W. Campbell



Cassini image of Saturn



Credit: NASA

Cassini Closes In on Saturn
In this image, dark regions represent areas where Cassini is seeing into deeper levels in Saturn's atmosphere. The dark regions are relatively free of high clouds and the light at these particular near-infrared wavelengths penetrates into the gaseous cloud-free atmosphere and is absorbed by methane. The image was taken with the Cassini spacecraft narrow angle camera on May 15, 2004, from a distance of 24.7 million kilometers (15.4 million miles) from Saturn.

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